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35 » Carl Longfellow
This is a great site, I had some work done and it was fantastic, you should see what this guy can find out for you. Give him a try he is a good one.
Comment: Thanks Carl

34 » Peter Dobson
This is a great man and what he cannot find is not worth knowing, have a great time discovering for others, you did me a great service.

33 » John Stiles
What a great site and what a great genealogist, thanks for all you did for me
Comment: My Pleasure

32 » James Kerridge
I wonder why it is that more people that you do work for don't leave messages for you, after all you managed to find loads of information when you do your research.
Comment: I am sometimes surprised by that as well, still it is nice that some do.

31 » Michael
He certainly goes the full wack in his research

30 » Diane Larking
Great site Mick
Comment: Thanks Di, Really appreciate it.

29 » Peter Davies
What a great site, I have had work done by Michael and his work is impeccable, he has an attention to detail that is admirable. Well worth the small fee I paid.

28 » George Arthur
Great site, even better researcher, this is one of the better ones and he is very reasonable.

27 » Jennifer Holden from Peterborough
What a wonderful researcher, I cannot recommend him more, he did a great job and more than that he did it with me in mind, he kept me in the loop all the way, making sure that I knew where he was and what he was researching. Give him a go I would not have found what he did.

26 » Peter Clark from St.Ives, Cornwall
I thought that when I first paid for this it was going to be a con, because I have access to the Ancestry site, but it turned out I was not able just to put a name in and my family would come out, I got loads of hits and did not have the information needed to sort out the correct people. I contacted Michael in an effort to see if he was going to just palm me off with some names and say that was my family. I paid the research fee, which is very reasonable and what I got back was amazing. He found my family, showed me the records and how he had come to the fact that they were mine. I cannot say how much I will be using him in the future. my advice, if you think you can go on these sites and find what you think you are looking for, you are mistaken.
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