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38 » Katherine Billington from Tamworth
Fantastic service. Michael explained in great detail about my family history. Highly recommend. He also kept me updated throughout. He had a great knack at finding photos of my relatives, from where I will never know.
Comment: Many thanks, Katherine, it was a pleasure with all the twists and turns, was exciting, thanks again

37 » Howard Peterson from Lincolnshire
Hello Michael, I have just got through reading all the fabulous information that you have sent me, I must say that I have never dreamed that you would find so much. During this lockdown, I thought it would be a great opportunity to find my family, but had no luck.

I am so glad that I saw your website and the rest is history (excuse the pun) as they say

Thank you once again
Comment: Howard, it has been a complete pleasure working on your family history, please come back if you need further help.

36 » George Redwing from Boston Massachusetts
Than you Michael, without you I do not think that my English heritage would be known to me. You did a wonderful job finding the relatives that were so elusive to me, I was really surprised that you managed to find the shipping records as well. They made a nice surprise when I saw them.

Thank you once again

35 » John from Basildon, Essex
During this difficult time where we are having to isolate ourselves, I decided to do a little family tree research, I had gotten so far and have found that Dig4ancestors are extremely helpful in their advice and assistance. I was able to take my tree back a further 25 years to families I never even knew about. Thanks
Comment: Thanks John, we are glad we were able to help.

34 » Carl Longfellow
This is a great site, I had some work done and it was fantastic, you should see what this guy can find out for you. Give him a try he is a good one.
Comment: Thanks Carl

33 » Peter Dobson
This is a great man and what he cannot find is not worth knowing, have a great time discovering for others, you did me a great service.

32 » John Stiles
What a great site and what a great genealogist, thanks for all you did for me
Comment: My Pleasure

31 » James Kerridge
I wonder why it is that more people that you do work for don't leave messages for you, after all you managed to find loads of information when you do your research.
Comment: I am sometimes surprised by that as well, still it is nice that some do.

30 » Michael
He certainly goes the full wack in his research

29 » Diane Larking
Great site Mick
Comment: Thanks Di, Really appreciate it.
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