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10 » Frances Devereux
The research that was done for me on two separate occasions was thorough, well doc*mented and timely. It was done pleasantly and with honesty and integrity. I was happy to receive vital information about my ancestors, along with pictures of some of their homes and cemetery markers.I was pleased to receive a few articles related to their work and area in which they lived. These helped me to better understand the lives they led. I sincerely recommend the research services of Dig4Ancestors.
Comment: Than you for your comments.

9 » Shirley Roland from Staffordshire
I found Michael through a phone call asking about family tree research around Tamworth in Staffordshire. I gave so few details, having not known many to begin with. Michael managed to find my birth mother's family and places she grew up in and around the area. He produced much that was unknown by me and my brother. Anonimity was also paramount and he handled that side of it with professionalism. Many thanks Michael

8 » Jane Oorloff
With a name like mine I wanted to find out the truth about my surname - Russian Royalty! Michael managed to trace my ancestry not to this Russian Royalty but back to Sri Lanka (Ceylon) and how I am attached to many of the well-to-do families on the island. He has also managed to put me in touch with my grandfather's brother who lives in Australia. So much information was found on both sides of my parents families! I would recommend him to others.
Comment: Thank you Jane, this one was a great job for me

7 » Sandra Whitmore
Hi, I would just like to say that I contacted Dig 4 Ancestors several months ago after a lady on one of the Rootsweb mailing list told me about the services.I was told how good they were and also how very reasonable as well! It is always a bit nerve racking when you contact someone you do not know and ask them to help with your Family tree and I have to admit that I was a bit cautious re; Price etc, But I have to say, they spent many months on my research in Germany/Prussia etc and when I was given the Bill, I was very peased indeed with what they charged!.. Very reasonable and also very thorough! I had tried for months to find my ancestors and nothing could be found at all until I contacted them. You would not believe what was found? And as I say, the price was very reasonable, so I would reccommend them to anyone! Take the chance. I did and it paid off big time! Thanks a lot for all you have done, I am really grateful. Regards, Sandra
Comment: Than you Sandra for your lovely words.

6 » Chris O'Connor
I know Mick personally and can honestly say this guy is a wonder when it comes to tracing your ancestors! I work for Tamworth Library and not being to au fait with family history Mick is always around to help out! He is a great friendly fella who will cover every avenue for you when you need to trace your ancestors and what's more his fees are reasonable!
Comment: Hi, Chris and Thanks for the great big pat on the back.


4 » Ros Bott
As a professional genealogist myself, I have to say that I am very impressed with Mick's professionalism, very quick and detailed work, and friendly communications. I will definitely use his services again! Ros

3 » Nosh
Mike has done some medal research for me on many occasions and I have found that his results are very good indeed and his fees reasonable. He is very friendly and a likeable chap. I look forward to carrying on using his services.

2 » Kerry Barter from Queensland, Australia
I first heard about this wonderful service through a rootsweb list I subscribed to.I had started researching my family back in 1982 when I wanted to find out what had happened to my Mother whom I had been taken away from by my Father from Western Australia to Queensland; one side of Australia to the other.Imagine my surprise when I was able to find out so much about my Mother's family tree but very little about my Father's family tree. My Mother had passed away from Huntington's Disease a rather nasty neurological disorder that is hereditary and so I guess that was a good thing that I did discover this as I was able to be tested and received the all clear.
Wanting to find out about my paternal family tree led me a merry dance and brick walls became a common occurence.
Then one day I heard about Michael and Dig4Ancestors. What a wonderful day that was. I had more or less found that going to England from Australia was out of the question time wise as I probably wouldn't know where to start and also financially.I told Michael that I needed to know where I had come from ancestor wise, gave him the relevant details and left it up to him.Further down the track this most wonderful parcel arrived in the post for me with more information about my ancestors than I ever dreamed possible.Cost - certainly much cheaper than a trip to the various parts of England I would need to visit and a lot less stressful for me. The information I received was clear and concise and certainly more than I expected as Michael had gone back a further three generations!Now, if eventually I do get a chance to visit the wonderful country of England, I can just go to enjoy the places my ancestors lived, etc. and enjoy all the lovely scenery without sitting at computers and delving in records for hours on end - if I can even get to them.Thank you from the bottom of my heart Michael for such a wonderful service.Sincerely, Kerry
Comment: Kerry, It was my pleasure to do this for you and your family. Thank you for all of your kind words.

1 » Mr Stock from Durham
|~||~|I contacted Dig 4 Ancestors as my local elderly neighbour had been talking about his family tree and how he'd not got any family left around! This I found rather sad but fascinating and I'd remembered that I'd seen a leaflet advertising Dig 4 Ancestors in my neighbours post one day. I contacted them and over the days I was delighted with what they found - a detailed family tree that stretched from the Durham area right down to the south and my neighbour not only had an enormous family tree - 24 A4 pages, but Michael had also put us in contact with living relations as well. We were both overwhelmed, many thanks Michael
Comment: Thankyou for your kind words Mr Stock, it was my pleasure
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